June 13, 2011

Today we raid the library!

Today I was attacked by a drove of small children at the library! I have discovered that gold teeth and tattoos will make every child want to touch and admire up close. That being said I am super proud of my little gypsy toddler who didn't seem to mind. I actually think he was stoked to be with the grown up everyone wanted to talk with.
After my gold tooth was fingered by about five children and I started to become a bit overwhelmed so we went on up to the adult area to grab a few mommy books.

My first book:

I like this one:

And this one:


Really who wouldn't grab this one!

My sister in law will love this!

I need a pot holder!

Every home needs a few of these

Next book,

Super rad sweater hats!

I'm going to do this for the little dude!

Last but not least:

This book is full of ideas! I may do almost every pattern.

Have bunches of fun today dolls!
I will post anything I sew!
Xoxo tori
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