December 29, 2010

Lack of blogging

I feel terrible, I haven't been blogging very much in the last week. I am sorry. The next week or so will be scattered with posts. I will try and catch up on my weekend and Christmas.
Personally my little gypsy family is going to be making another move. More to come in the next few days. But I can say....

Packing blows!
Xoxo torirae


December 22, 2010

$100 Mastercard Giveaway!!!!

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Felt Polaroid Photos--Katie.Cupcake Tutorial--

I saw a girlfriend do this last year and thought it was totally radical. I had a brainstorm about this craft a few days ago when my son was carrying around a picture of our pug sally. I racked the blog spot for a tutorial for this amazing craft. I am totally amazed that I found the tutorial in a blog I already follow, Katie.Cupcake.
This is an image of the katie.cupcake Polaroid

This is my version

This is how I did it. Just like the Katie.cupcake except a few changes.
(Sally does look amazing in this photo, it was her first calender photo shoot last year)

I measured my felt, cut and sewed the pieces together. I used white thread, katie.cupcake used black, ( i am sure she did this  to show how to do this properly for the tutorial.)
After this I ironed my felt inside out on a low setting, 
I cut out the middle hole  and readied my photo. I followed Katie.cupcake for measurements
I used a piece of cardboard from the drill  my hubby bought yesterday.

Last step was sewing the pieces together.
I kinda fubbed a bit and cut my window the wrong way so you cant have the string, but i kinda like it without. The little monster loves his new version of the picture of his best friend.

I think I may add some clear vinyl to the next few. XOXO Tori

Christmas cards-The best way to mend a friendship.

While going through my address book to send out Christmas cards I came across a few names that I am sad to say have drifted from my social circle. So like the wonder mom i am I had a brainstorm, "What if i send Christmas cards to these people? What's the harm? Maybe it will mend relationships."
Whoo hoo it just might have.
So I recommend this to anyone.    All my love, XOXO Tori

HomeSpun Threads- All patterns are free

HomeSpun Threads  All Patterns are Free!!!
I was so excited to see this post on one of my fav bloggers Crafterhours. I managed to keep my free patterns to under five. I cant wait to start new projects after the holidays. Have fun and please blog, facebook, tweet and yell about this amazing blog.

Everyone needs flannel sheets in December.

My gift to myself and my hubby, a set of no-pile 400 thread count flannel sheets. They are amazing!

Super easy 25 minute CHICKEN PARMESAN

Tonight my wonderful hubby and I were sitting around on a Tuesday night getting hungry. Tuesday and Wednesday's  are our weekend.
I gave him a couple of ideas, and being that it is only 4 days till Christmas I don't really have much meat in the house except what we are cooking for Christmas. I knew I had some Tyson Chicken tenders that I buy for my son because they are super easy to make.
I defrosted the tenders and looked around for breadcrumbs. Of course I was out but I did happen to spot a bag of Cesar croutons. After munching the croutons in the food processor I put the mix in a bowl and added about a 1/4 cup fresh Parmesan and about two teaspoons Italian seasonings.
Dip chicken in milk then in breadcrumbs. Place chicken on baking sheet lined with foil and spayed lightly with oil. spray chicken with oil also.
Bake at 350 for 10 minutes, turn chicken pieces over and bake for 12 minutes more or until done.
Remove chicken from oven add a small pile of Parmesan to each chicken tender. Put pan back in oven turn on broiler  to medium and broil until cheese is melted. Only a few minutes.
Meanwhile boil pasta of choice. After pasta is finished add sauce, I used Newman's  because it is thick and very robust.
I plated the chicken on top of the pasta. Add a nice winter salad.

well thats pretty cool


Yesterday evening i went to check my paypal. I was very surprised, why was my balance 18? Yes it is only $18, but that was 18 more than i had the other day when i checked.
Wholly smokes I actually made a sale from my ESTY shop RECYCLED RELICS. Whoo hoo for me!

December 20, 2010

Haleem and family in the city

Yesterday my sister and brother in law picked my son and I up for an adventure.
We packed all our goodies for holiday gifting in their car and rolled out to the city. My brother in laws sister (my other sister in law), recently bought a house. The little monster and I were excited to visit as we haddent seen this family since September when they got married. Her wedding was amazing, by far the best I have ever been to.

Little man looking at the city

My husbands sister was cooking this event. Everyone seemed really excited about the stew, my sister in law invited friends. My little guy is only 14 months but I knew he was going to love Haleem. I had heard about Haleem, my brother in law loves to tell a story about how impressed his father is with my sister in laws Haleem recipe. Haleem is a grain and dal dish slow cooked all day with meat. Kinda like an Indian stew.

It was amazing!
My sister in law taught me how to cook Indian food about two years ago. I gotta say I have mastered it. I am excited to know she offered to teach me how to make Haleem.

When they picked us up at home we had bags of spices, dal, grains, and zebra rice (the best).

Tonight I am going to make butter chicken. I will post a recipe with step by step photos.
Xoxo tori

December 18, 2010

Handmade House warming gift bag

Gift bag made from flannel from scrap pile. String is a recycled relics tshirt bag extra cut into strip.

Set of five handmade gypsy scrappy Note cards with envelopes.

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Amazing Easy Fudge Recipe

Stuff you need

-Large 9x11 Pyrex dish sprayed with oil

-melt three sticks of butter in a medium sized heavy bottomed pan.
I use stainless steel because non stick freaks me out.

-add 6 cups sugar

-Remove pot from heat, add one can of Evaporated Milk 12oz

-Add milk slowly to pot. Place pot back on burner on medium. Stir bunches
-Bring to boil stirring constantly. This will take awhile.

-Bring mixture to boil.
-get out your handy candy thermometer

- Boil for about 7 minutes or until 234 reached on thermometer

- remove from heat

-add 2 jars of 7oz marshmallow cream (fluf)
-add 24 oz semi sweet chocolate
-stir until melted

-add 2 tsp vanilla

-add walnuts if so want!
-pour fudge into Pyrex dish and cool until cool enuff to put in fridge.

-remove from fridge after all night.
-cut and serve.

housewarming gifts, holiday fudge, one more housebound day

thank god I have turned my husband into an early riser. most of this spurs from a mixture of me telling him "please help me with the dog/baby/house" for a year and our son is finally a toddler who loves to hang with dad. my morning ritual includes: the little guy waking around 730. the wonderpug runs around super excited it is morning, I brew coffee. I dress for the elements, wake Kevin and tell him to ready himself for toddler watching while I walk the wonderpug.

so this morning was the same except for the hobbling around I have been doing with my injured foot.

I had a few moments of "hey I can totally function driving and walking today." reality set back in and I settled into being housebound for my third day. I promass myself "tomorrow I will function again."
Tomorrow we have a family get together in the city to attend. My sister-in-laws husbands sister, who recently got married, just bought a home and has invited the little guy and myself over for an Indian feast. As any good housewife and crafted knows today I must make a housewarming gift as well as a hostess gift.
A few weeks ago I posted a picture of scrappy gypsy cards. I started a set today for gifting tomorrow. The monster just went down for a nap so I'm pretty sure I am going to start a big pot of fudge.

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housebound day three

Today is my third day of being bound to the house with my injured foot. I am very restless. The week until chrisas countdown has begun and I have to try and figure out how to go to the post office and mail the already late Christmas cards. I have to say slicing my foot a week before Christmas totally blows.
while my husband is using my blow dryer to dry his gas tank on his rained on fresh paint I am contemplating tuffing out pain and driving him to work. I should just relax one more day. I havent decided.
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Location:home :(

stuffed critter gifts to love

I have fallen in love with these really great little stuffed Dino critters. total a spur of the moment weedend project.
I was looking at this book my husband bought me last year for my birthday One yard Wonders.
I used some extra flannel fabric from my stash. The little dude lived his Dino. I had enuff fabric left over I made an extra Dino for my niephew. something happened with the second dinos tail so I brainstormed a spike for the tail in matching felt.
loved how they turned out!
xo tori

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December 17, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts -dino-

Toy net

While spacing out at my fav fabric store the other day I ran across this totally bitchin fabric. It is a cotton weave, kinda like a shopping tote, I bought a 1/2 yard and immediately thought that the little dude needed a stuffed critter holder. I finished all the edges with felt and added a 4 inch loop at each end. BigBaddaBang.. toy net!

Baby Gear injury "Your not a mom until you get stitches from baby gear"

SO while getting my beloved coffee the other morning I tripped over the wooden baby gate in the kitchen. 12 stitches later I am having a real hard time using my  sewing machine. Totally a bummer
I cant believe I actually did this! I still have the little dudes chair to finish as well as a zillion  other projects. Anyways I guess it is life as my husband says. 

December 12, 2010


BAZAAR BIZARRE  Today in San Francisco. Sunday December 12th. 12 noon to 6pm. I am so excited. I am taking my little munchkin. It is kinda an adventure due to the fact I really never venture into the city alone via car. Any time I would travel to the city I would just take Bart. Bay Area Rapid Transit. The venue that the Bazaar is at is not the easiest to get to with a toddler and all the crap I bring with me to have a day long adventure on mass transit. I mean I could do it but bringing my little E30 is ok. Hey the website has a picture of some seal lions so hopefully we will be viewing some radical sea life. I will be posting pics via iphone while at the venue. XO TORI

December 11, 2010


Breakfast Quiche

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes then lower temp to 350 and cook till done, around 55 minutes.
4 eggs with 1 1/2 cup milk, i used a can of evaporated milk.

Family Christmas Cards

Super easy and fun Blank cards

Today I am finally blogging again, geese its been forever, but this year in my house it has been hella busy, I finally set up Recycled Relics Etsy Shop. And we silkscreened the family holiday cards, I will be blogging this soon! 
Today I finally did some crafting on my own time. I followed a craft tip from a blog i follow, Made,
I put them up on Recycled Relics Etsy Shop
Its crazy crafting time at my house!!