December 18, 2010

housewarming gifts, holiday fudge, one more housebound day

thank god I have turned my husband into an early riser. most of this spurs from a mixture of me telling him "please help me with the dog/baby/house" for a year and our son is finally a toddler who loves to hang with dad. my morning ritual includes: the little guy waking around 730. the wonderpug runs around super excited it is morning, I brew coffee. I dress for the elements, wake Kevin and tell him to ready himself for toddler watching while I walk the wonderpug.

so this morning was the same except for the hobbling around I have been doing with my injured foot.

I had a few moments of "hey I can totally function driving and walking today." reality set back in and I settled into being housebound for my third day. I promass myself "tomorrow I will function again."
Tomorrow we have a family get together in the city to attend. My sister-in-laws husbands sister, who recently got married, just bought a home and has invited the little guy and myself over for an Indian feast. As any good housewife and crafted knows today I must make a housewarming gift as well as a hostess gift.
A few weeks ago I posted a picture of scrappy gypsy cards. I started a set today for gifting tomorrow. The monster just went down for a nap so I'm pretty sure I am going to start a big pot of fudge.

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