December 20, 2010

Haleem and family in the city

Yesterday my sister and brother in law picked my son and I up for an adventure.
We packed all our goodies for holiday gifting in their car and rolled out to the city. My brother in laws sister (my other sister in law), recently bought a house. The little monster and I were excited to visit as we haddent seen this family since September when they got married. Her wedding was amazing, by far the best I have ever been to.

Little man looking at the city

My husbands sister was cooking this event. Everyone seemed really excited about the stew, my sister in law invited friends. My little guy is only 14 months but I knew he was going to love Haleem. I had heard about Haleem, my brother in law loves to tell a story about how impressed his father is with my sister in laws Haleem recipe. Haleem is a grain and dal dish slow cooked all day with meat. Kinda like an Indian stew.

It was amazing!
My sister in law taught me how to cook Indian food about two years ago. I gotta say I have mastered it. I am excited to know she offered to teach me how to make Haleem.

When they picked us up at home we had bags of spices, dal, grains, and zebra rice (the best).

Tonight I am going to make butter chicken. I will post a recipe with step by step photos.
Xoxo tori

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