December 18, 2010

Amazing Easy Fudge Recipe

Stuff you need

-Large 9x11 Pyrex dish sprayed with oil

-melt three sticks of butter in a medium sized heavy bottomed pan.
I use stainless steel because non stick freaks me out.

-add 6 cups sugar

-Remove pot from heat, add one can of Evaporated Milk 12oz

-Add milk slowly to pot. Place pot back on burner on medium. Stir bunches
-Bring to boil stirring constantly. This will take awhile.

-Bring mixture to boil.
-get out your handy candy thermometer

- Boil for about 7 minutes or until 234 reached on thermometer

- remove from heat

-add 2 jars of 7oz marshmallow cream (fluf)
-add 24 oz semi sweet chocolate
-stir until melted

-add 2 tsp vanilla

-add walnuts if so want!
-pour fudge into Pyrex dish and cool until cool enuff to put in fridge.

-remove from fridge after all night.
-cut and serve.

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