June 12, 2011

Free Stuff Friday

Sorry folks! I'm a few days late with my Free Stuff Friday post as we were off in the land of zero cell network and dial up.

Anyhoo let's begin!

FREE STUFF FRIDAY is my super radical new weekly post where I show you some really great stuff I've scored and what I plan to do with it!

I found this little bookshelf on my morning stroll with wonderpug. In Burlington people just put unwanted items on the street. It's probably the most amazing thing ever!

Chair found on craigslist in south Burlington. I need to either recover it or make a neat slipcover.
This little brown sofa was also included.

Both are just in need of new upholstery and are super comfy. Super plus is that they both smell nice and not smokey or catpee.

We picked up these 3 chairs. I think I'm going to paint the metal gold and keep the orange.

Yes, we watch YoGabba Gabba.

The best score of the week was this tv which has a built in DVD player.

Happy thrifting dolls!
Xoxo tori

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