June 27, 2011

Stolen ideas!

I haven't been blogging for a few days, mostly because I had a very sick toddler. I also have been having a few 'issues' so I am using all of this as my excuse.
Anyhow, after a relaxing weekend at my inlaws in the land of zero cell service and dial up, I am ready to blog!
Little man and I went to the library today. The Burlington library has a radical kids room! I pretty much grab a few books and sit alone while my toddler runs around fondling everything.
My tubular book picks today are:

This book is so freakn cool!
Must do's are:

Seriously rad!

Great gift idea!

Next book:

Next book:

A easy gift!

The last book:

By Andrea Chesman

This book is going to help me so much in the coming weeks with ideas from my CSA basket that is arriving next week!

Hope everyone having a nice day! Or at least enjoying a bit of me time during nap time!
Xoxo tori

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