October 22, 2011

What to gift what to gift??

In a few days a super rad gal pal of mine is haveing a birthday shindig in Virgina City. I am super stoked because the hubby and I have never made it out to Virgina City before. Also I am super excited because I have been searching bloggy land for inspiration for something totally radical to gift.
I found Sally the wonderpug in her new favorite spot, in the middle of the table just like my very own pug roast. Don't worrier folks I really discourage this, pugs are just spiteful and stubborn.
I came across a few ideas over at 101 Handmade gift Tutorials at EverythingEtsy.
I kinda followed the tutorial for v-and-co-how-to-jersey-knit-bracelet.

I used some sweatshirt jersey and silver sparkly stuff for one as well as some red silk and black t-shirt

What do you think? Silly? really 80's? Help!


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