October 12, 2011


Halloween is right around the corner, so the lil man and I have been crafting up a storm. Today I made some super radical Bats from black felt.
I am pretty stoked on Halloween this year and decorating for the radical festivities. The lil man hasn't really opened up to costumes but I have a feeling as it gets closer to the date he will get more excited.

Our front room is looking very bleak. Sadly we have had to file multiple police reports for stolen items. To our happy surprise the landlord told us our screen porch will be replaced this next weekend. Hoary for the gypsy tattoo family. I have great plans for decorating the front windows using stencils and some super cool rad ideas. More to come from this future post about decorating and redoing the uber icky B&E sun room.
Much Love
Happy Wednesday!

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