October 16, 2011

Gypsy Tattoo Family R&R

Hey Folks. I'm totally still here after my absence over the last few days. Not long after my last post about Halloween costumes for my dog Sally the wonder pug was stung by a bee. Sally my pug, is highly allergic to bees and went into anaphylactic shock. I gave her medication so she wouldn't die but she had to still be rushed to the vet er to save her life as the shock was now killing her.
 She came home yesterday after being at the vet for three days. Our tattoo Gypsy family is so much happier now that the Sally pug is home at last. She is taking it easy this weekend as we too are now that the vet bill has left us broke. But hey I have a pretty big stash and plenty of projects to do so lets get ready for the holidays.
Today I began cleaning out the three boxes of art supplies in the closet as well as just cleaning out the closet. My in laws are staying a week around thanksgiving so getting prepared now is great especially because i would like to be heavily crafting and sewing for the holidays.
I love those Costco Bags. I was totally obsessed with buying them every time i went to costco then poof they stopped caring them. I did travel all about and I'm sure some Costco's may sell them. Anyone want to trade something cool for some new Costco bags? XOXO
I found this amazing little version of the larger storage containers they sell at walmart for .50. What a great little container I though. Thankfully it was nap time while I was searching for something rad to put the pains in.
Oh my mess!

I do have to show off my fabulous fabric stash organisation the other day. This is the top of an old steamer trunk from about 1920. I love the steamer trunks for so many things. And in the lower level I have larger pieces of fabric nestled between my precious china.
A few days later still organized.

Walla my closet is coming along!

Well I better get back to decluttering and organizing.
Love and Kisses.

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  1. Looks fun! I wish I was motivated enough to craft! Glad Sally is better :) Hugs, Leanne