March 4, 2011

Floor pillow/cushion re-do tutorial

About 2 years ago my mother-in- law gave me a king sized feather bed that she picked up at a thrift store.
It didn't take long for the feathers all over to begin to bother me. I had bought a futon cover awhile back at a yard sale knowing I would need it.
I zipped up the feather bed into the futon cover, no more feathers all over. Hooray!
I put the big floor pillow of sorts in my sons room and now it has managed to find itself in the living room.

I have folded it.
The kids love it, so does the pug dog.

I hate the pattern and have so been wanting to recover this cushion. Also folding it so that it is smaller and more cushy.

This is a baby blanket my mom made. The little guy doesn't really use all these blankets I have so I have been looking for ways to repurpose.

-Already a hit.-
I measured the blanket, added two inches on one side and used a spare sheet for the bottom side of the cushion.

I love using my pinking shears.
I then folded the sheet square in half and cut.

Press your edge and finish one end of each half cut sheet. I use 1/4 seem allowance.

Now I am pining the sheet and blanket together, start with the unfinished edges.

Make sure to have the right sides together.

After pining sew,
Pin the other side leaving a hole for your stuffing of choice.

See a pocket!

Turn inside out and stuff

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  1. Im diggin the big pillow. Im thinking our house needs a couple of them!! Thanks for sharing :)