March 10, 2011

Baby blanket floor pillow

I'm sure I am like most of you and have a zillion baby blankets. Now that my baby has become a toddler these blankets are just becoming more of a bummer stashed around the house.

This is my favorite baby blanketFlannel flying pigs, Soft and warm from plenty of love. My mom made it for me while I was pregnant. I measured my blanket, which was 32"x32" and added 10 inches for pocket.
Today I used a blue pencil.
I folded my white twin sheet in half and cut 21x32. Then cut in my fold.

I thought this was ugly so I trimmed with pinking shears and used a few dabs of fray check.
-Press and pin both sides of middle fold cut. Sew each pinned side.
-Pin wrong sides together
-Overlap the two halfs so you have a pocket.
Sorry bad -active toddler- picture
Stuff with those pesky baby blankets.
Floor pillow!!!
My large pile of floor pillows.

Have a Bitchin Day!
Xoxo torirae

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