February 19, 2011

Rad Rag Rug Tutorial

I started by laying a full sheet folded in half widthwise on the floor.

I used my pinking shears and cut the sheet from the middle fold ever 2 inches or so.

I did not cut all the way thru.
cutting a full sheet

To create a continuous strip, cut the bottom layer of fabric and continue to clip each other fabric end.
You will end up with one large strip of fabric.

I then roll my fabric into one large ball. A super way to impress a child and pets!

After this I uses my hook and single crochet 4 and loop together with a fifth stitch to make a hole.

Fill the hole with eight single crochet.

On your second row I began to add a single crochet extra in a few holes. Mostly so my project would lay flat as well so I could come to the point where I just begin to crochet around in circle without stopping.

Now continue single crocheting around, when your project begins to curl add another single crochet.
Whalla! Your making a rug!

Before I added the grey sheet

I just feed the grey sheet in the black hole, tightened the black sheet and now there is just grey.

Black and grey sheet ends on bottom of rug can be snipped and feed thru rug to hide when finished.

Location:Black Bear Dr,Reno,United States

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