February 25, 2011

The power of Kitchen Gadgets

When I first met my husband we lived in Portland Oregon. The pearl district, in Portland geographic terms. I loved it. So did my husband. Where we lived was the most radical part of living in Portland at the time. Walking distance to steak, whiskey, and Bitchin good time.
Most of my days were spent window shopping in my favorite kind of stores. I bought a few things here and there. One item is this amazing cork screw.

Made by Screwpull
It is very impressive to guests. Very simple and crazyrad to use.

Please excuse any mess. My son is sick and we are still unpacking. Thus the need for the "two buck chuck"

All I did was push the leaver down.
Now pull up.

I really used no force.

Have a fantastic Thursday!
Xoxo Torirae
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