August 25, 2011

My Bitchin Chaco's

I do a lot of walking, probably not more than the average gypsy. It does allow me the freedom to eat more than the average person allows themselves of whatever the hell I want.

For years I have been a flip flopper, everything from teva to sanuok to ll bean. I knew that with the mileage I was walking most days I needed to start taking better care of my feet. With the new naked feet revolution I have tried many of the new shoes. Sadly most are either just to odd looking for me or terribly uncomfortable.
So I decided to skip up my looking and become interested with hiking sandals that don't look too butch and are still urban city walkers. I fell in love with Chaco. So today I found a great deal on these....

Not the cutesy green chick ones I wanted but still a rad pair of chaos.
Whoo hoo!
Xoxo tori

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