August 17, 2011

Gypsy go home

Wow! Our little tattoo gypsy family has done some crazy traveling in the last few years. Right now we are at our last spot for awhile. The bay area will always be here as long as my wonderful sister in law lives here. Now that my husband and I have our little person we have a empty bed anytime. Lucky for us the hubby can guest spot anytime out this way also.
The tattooed gypsy dad left two days ago for our homeland. In search of housing for the other part of our gypsy tattooed bunch. I am very glad to report that he has found us an amazing little house that is right in our fav part of the old SW. I have been told that drapes are needed for all windows. Does anyone else get excited like me when they hear this? The most amazing fabric store ever is in Reno. Home Fabrics & Rugs

Anyhoo Home Fabric & Rugs is just one of the many reasons I am so excited to go back home to Reno.
My husband works at Reno's first and oldest tattoo shop Body Graphics Tattoo
Come see his work. It's a radical old shop with wall to wall original Pat Martynuik flash.
I miss my gypsy tattoo daddy something bad. Saturday my tubular in laws are driving us over the mountains to Reno. We are actually going to unload all of our storage also. I am really stoked, I miss my sewing machine badly and my fabric stash equally.
I will be posting more I promise !
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