November 27, 2010

Kozy Chair- Ikea Couch Slipcover-

Kids Kozy Chair McCalls Pattern

When I wanted to get my son a chair for Christmas I looked online all over. The only pattern that really came around when I google searched was this chair. I have no idea when I exactly bought this pattern. But I knew I had stashed it in all my craft boxes someplace in a closet. 
A few days before Thanksgiving when I was in a Holiday crafting mad dash I casually read over the directions from the pattern and cut out the pattern pieces.
The Pattern calls for five bags of batting stuffed inside a pillow form you make first. Then you construct the slipcover. I am not going to do the piping as my own Private rebellion. 
I was thinking about using bean bag chair beans in the chair instead of fluff. Or maybe use clothes sweaters and blankets as fill like I have used to fill other pillows and chair pads.  I am going to use the pattern as a guide then use an old sheet or just scrap fabric as the filler fabric.
For the slipcover I am going to use mix match fabric pieces I have laying around. I bought all these receiving blankets at Target when I was pregnant and then never used them. They are very soft in muted boy colors and are very snugly because they are made of flannel. I will post detailed pics and info as I start yet again another project.
I find that making slipcovers for furniture is fun and not to difficult as long as you can read a tap measure and use a ruler. My husband is an artist so I have random paper all about my house. When I made slipcovers for my two Ikea couches I just kinda winged the first one. The second was made perfect. I bought the KLOBO couch from Ikea which has no slipcover and is constructed from muslin or something similar. The couch is just aching for a cover or spray paint. I haven't spray painted any cloth furniture but was really into the thought of doing this to this couch.

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