November 27, 2010

Hardwood Blocks - Poplar and Ash-by ADrauglis REVIEW

This year I have done most of my Christmas shopping online. I wanted to get my son blocks, he is 1 now and loves most stacking things. I went to my favorite site for all things good and handmade and found these amazing blocks made by ADrauglis on ETSY
The first thing I do have to say, shipping was supper fast. I live in California and this seller lives in Washington DC. I received these beautiful handcrafted blocks in three days, one of those days was thanksgiving. 
The blocks are amazing. Perfect for little hands with very smooth lines and edges. You can see the love and time taken with each block. I know my son is going to spend much time just being interested in the contours and lines of the wood. 
Please check out this amazing artist!ADrauglis

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